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Abstract Reality

There are many meditation techniques in the world, all do something. However, the goal of meditation is to have “an experience.” What that experience is needs to be pointed out by an experienced teacher or it is usually overlooked, confused … Continue reading

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What does it take for peace to prevail?

2016 Feb I haven’t been blogging for a few months as I was determined to get out a book to share an idea that I think is important for every individual to recognize. That we all are part of creation … Continue reading

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A Mountain Home in Kyoto visited…

Tuesday, February 17, 2015…A lazy day for me as my only scheduled activity was to drive to Ohara, a small mountain community of Kyoto, high in the mountains and have a planning meeting about a dance and Shamisen performance in … Continue reading

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The Zen of Magic and the Magic of Zen and buttons

The Zen of Magic and the Magic of Zen or how to cover the spiritual and material rituals of life and keep it simple with magic buttons. We humans seem to need a bit of magic in our lives, a … Continue reading

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