Books available now

[Kolar, Rudolph]のThe Emptiness is not Empty: A Textbook for non-meditators, beginning meditators, curious minds and anyone interested in progress. (English Edition)

“The Emptiness is not Empty” (Kindle Book)

Emptiness is not Empty (Japanese Edition) by [Rudolph Kolar]

「空(くう)の世界へ」”The Emptiness is not Empty”(Japanese version)(Kindle Book)

The Emptiness is not Empty

“The Emptiness is not Empty” (Paperback)

[Kolar, Rudolph]のThe Book of Magic Buttons: Ancient Cabalistic rituals and concepts converted  to simple buttons (English Edition)

“The Book of Magic Buttons” (Kindle)

[Kolar, Rudolph]のSun Pirates of the Universe: A cerebral discourse with aliens in Las Vegas (English Edition)

“Sun Pirates of the Universe” (Kindle)

“Sun Pirates of the Universe” (Paperback)

[Kolar, Rudolph]のThe Books of the Kuro-Miko (1) (English Edition)

“The Books of Kuro Miko” (English) (Kindle)


「黒巫女は、全ての秘密を知っている」”The Books of Kuro Miko” (Japanese) (Kindle)

[Kolar, Rudolph]のSaksat Karana The Citadel dream: A short Screenplay (English Edition)

“The Screenplay: Saksat Karana” (Kindle)


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