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A strange and simple observation about the oddities of life.

2-22-2018 At the Kyoto Studio project. Until today, I never thought about the fact that at every remodel, renovation, or new construction project that I have done I’ve always found a few marbles in the dirt. I just pick them … Continue reading

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October musings

October is the harvest season and maybe a time for reflecting on a few abstract ideas. Two thousand six hundred years ago a Chinese philosopher named Laozi, wrote down his wisdom and knowledge of existence. The book is The Tao … Continue reading

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A Mountain Home in Kyoto visited…

Tuesday, February 17, 2015…A lazy day for me as my only scheduled activity was to drive to Ohara, a small mountain community of Kyoto, high in the mountains and have a planning meeting about a dance and Shamisen performance in … Continue reading

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Real Magic doesn’t just happen, it’s well planned…

Real Magic Exists, not a rabbit from a hat, but the manifestations of thoughts!       Rudolph V Kolar MBA Author and Artist                                 … Continue reading

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