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It’s the rainy season here in Kyoto, Japan and although I normally spend a lot of time inside anyway, today in my studio attempting to organize notes for my new book, the humid weather and rain gave me a feeling of being stuck inside, imprisoned by some outside force.

It sometimes doesn’t take much, like four days of rain and I get ‘cabin fever’. Rather than working on my book,  I start to search the internet for a new yacht or some new technology that I can apply to create something new and different in my life. This is of course mostly diversion and fantasy as I’m over seventy, retired and pretty much settled into married life and partnership. No longer do I think of myself as the invincible risk taker that can take off to anywhere just to see what’s there and do whatever looks like fun! I lived like that for years and managed not to get killed or imprisoned. Actually my belief system was firmly based on the belief that I am always protected by some higher power and never had fear of anything. As wisdom sinks in, I firmly believe that fear always makes for bad decisions and ruins many a man’s health worrying about negative outcomes that never happen! Strategic and correct actions always start with a settled and clear mind. To those who have studied the ancient Vedic texts on Yoga: “Yogastah Kuru Karmani.” The translation from Sanskrit is, “established in consciousness, perform action with no attachment to the results.” Basically be cool, calm and collected and don’t over think what you plan to do! Don’t worry and be happy is my take on ancient Yoga philosophy.

As I write this a story comes to mind. A few years ago my Father-in law asked me, “What do you call a writer whose books don’t sell?” I responded, “An Artist.” He laughed and said he wanted to be a writer when he was in college but ended up being a corporate President at his parent’s direction.

So before writing this I got out my art supplies and created two paintings to be an Artist rather than label myself as a writer today.  The process got me out of being oppressed by something outside and I took back my power to be happy in the moment.

I hope a few souls enjoy my artwork!




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