June 2nd addition: Bohemian Haiku #7 and recent issues with translations.

Happy Days 🙂

Realizing the issues of translating Japanese to English, I ask my Japanese friends to translate my Bohemian Haiku to Japanese…

Small dog Arf

Big dog Woof

Bigger tree Bark



I have been asked by a Japanese Publisher to rewrite my most recent book into Japanese but also in their format and size requiring me to double the size of my existing book. Yeah, life is strange. I wanted my book to be short so that it could be read in one sitting and deliver as much knowledge about meditating as possible without losing my readers. My most recent goal is to let you know that it takes years to read though all the esoteric literature and 90% of it is irrelevant and unnecessary verbiage. About 10% actually deals with scientific realities and observations by ancient Geniuses. The ancient masters all recognized that we exist in a field of potential energy and that thoughts become things. The idea that creation is an ongoing reality fueled by the thoughts of the cosmic living life force is the secret of the Yogis. The only real goal of a Yogi Master is Unity consciousness. Read my book before it gets too long please!

Rudy    https://rudykolar.wordpress.com/

Link to paperback in English:




About Rudolph V Kolar

Consciousness Researcher, Instructor stress management, English, and Yoga.
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