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Since moving to Japan I have always appreciated the Shinto outlook that there are spirits behind everything.  Being Bohemian, my outlook is that the best and only spirits I have ever experienced are Rum, beer and Sake. Not to disparage all the other spirits in existence that I haven’t experienced and I am truly curious as to what is out there. Maybe there are inter-dimensional life forms, maybe even Romulan Ale!

The world is full of diverse ideas and fictional stories, some of which become accepted as factual reality. So far, all the alien and UFO sightings have turned out to be hoaxes, it seems a human condition of the creative mind is to want to tease or fool others as a form of entertainment, maybe just “self-entertainment” by the “I want to believe” groupies.

Do I believe that there are alien extra terrestrial life forms? Since I have a Degree in Zoology, my answer is absolutely yes. The size of this universe and the examples of extreme diversity here on this planet alone, open the mind to the infinite possibilities on other worlds. Have ET’s visited the earth? That I have no idea or answer for, but the ancient stories of Vedic literature have flying machines, cosmic weapons and shape-shifting enemies. There is nothing new under the sun!

Now the really scary thought is if the belief that life is Cosmic and the creation is constantly continued as our thoughts become things and all living things just live their inherited expectations, yet they are the power creating the future, then maybe we will create a future based on our fictional beliefs!

Koan du Jour:  Understanding the nothingness is understanding the everythingness!

Hey, remember to meditate!


Rudy  🙂 This is a picture of my Bohemian Fire ritual, I’m burning all the wooden boxes that the Sake came in, so the spirit boxes are transforming back to the void!



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