May reminders

My favorite Ancient Vedic Saying is, “Man lives in Akasha [The Unified Field of Potential Energy] like fish deep in the ocean, ignorant of water!” My teacher used to laugh and say, “How can a fish be thirsty?” Inferring, “How can a man be unfulfilled when he exists in a field of potential?”

So why is it important to meditate?

Proper meditation results in transcending which are moments of spacing-out. The experience of emptiness is a non-experience, devoid of sensual content yet extremely important as the emptiness is not empty but a field of highly synchronistic potential energy. The brain experiencing this harmony becomes more stable and creative.  This harmonizing with higher levels of consciousness also results in external synchronicities.

Enlightenment is not some exotic fairy-tale or magical super normal condition but perfect health, perfect thinking and harmonious synchronistic interaction with your environment.

Eventually you will realize that thoughts become things and manifesting the future is the function of the ever present “now”!

Plan a peaceful and healthy tomorrow.

Rudolph V. Kolar; Author of “The Emptiness is not empty”.


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Consciousness Researcher, Instructor stress management, English, and Yoga.
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