October musings

October is the harvest season and maybe a time for reflecting on a few abstract ideas.

Two thousand six hundred years ago a Chinese philosopher named Laozi, wrote down his wisdom and knowledge of existence. The book is The Tao Te Ching.

The Tao is the something, the eternal “nothing” or “Emptiness” that preceded the creation, the something before form manifested.

The quote from the Tao,” The Tao that can be told, cannot be the eternal Tao. Do not believe in words that point to the truth.” All great Masters have struggled with the explanation of the “Void”, the “Emptiness”, most by saying what it is not.

Remember from the Vedic outlook,  we are talking about Akasha, the eternal field of potential, something that has no physical attributes and like “gravity” can only be perceived by its affects.

The more you try the less you achieve when seeking the eternal Primal Awareness. The experience is often referred to as enlightenment.

The key words of great masters were, “surrender to what is” and “effortless meditation”.

Awareness is not a product of the mind; the mind is a product of primal awareness.

The eye does not see itself.

Awareness is lost in the objects of perception: consciousness is always of something, awareness is “empty”.

Ponder these ideas and hopefully your meditations will be blissful and your life more synchronous and harmonious.

Remember to meditate effortlessly.

The lord is my Sheppard and I shall not want for he leadeth me…etc., the synchronicity of the field itself is viewed as a personality by a few masters. Experience “it” and make your own decisions and develop your own philosophy.  Harvest the results of the experience.


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