A Mountain Home in Kyoto visited…

Tuesday, February 17, 2015…A lazy day for me as my only scheduled activity was to drive to Ohara, a small mountain community of Kyoto, high in the mountains and have a planning meeting about a dance and Shamisen performance in October.  So I meditated all morning till noon, had lunch and scheduled to meet my wife’s aunt at 2 pm at Jikkoin, a small traditional Japanese house used as a Tendai Buddhist monastery and once long past as a woman’s convent. I have visited the property once before and I remember the garden as one of those very special places on earth. Today the daughter of the owner took us on a tour of the gardens and showed us the formal tea house her grandfather built in 1921. Then we went inside for Matcha tea and sweets. The owner explained that the main garden we are looking at was originally designed and built for Emperor Gotoba’s Mausoleum in 1198 AD to represent the Pure Land the other side, and was moved here during the Edo-period.  As I sat there I kept asking myself, why am I here?  Hanging above was an old painting of a Flying-Apsaras “Hiten”and I chuckled inside as I thought of Sally Field as Sister Bertrille the flying Nun…

We will be renting this house in October 2015 to produce a performance of traditional Japanese music and dance.

Ps Life is fun and the back room has an amazing collection of ancient sacrificial artifacts and musical instruments, the Matcha tea is excellent and Ohara has many Shrines and Temples within a few minutes’ walk if you are ever in the area.

Mountain views

Mountain views



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