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Banana Bread

Waste not want not Blog    November 2014

My grandmother and my mother must have said “waste not want not” a thousand times when I was growing up in Illinois. Fall harvest season when the fruit was falling from the trees, apples, pears and plums were all over the ground. We picked the best with a picking basket at the end of a long pole and the rest would be left to over ripen and fall, smashing open on the ground and get covered with bees. When my Grandmother would visit, she would pick up the damaged fruit and cut away the bad parts. “Waste not want not” she would say. My mother would make dozens of apple pies, apple slices, pear pies and pumpkin pies every October/November. The two ovens, one in the kitchen and one in the basement were busy for many days.

And so this story comes to mind as I make a second loaf of banana bread here in Okinawa. When the bananas start to ripen here, within a short period of time I have dozens of bunches of bananas to give away and or use somehow. Having thirty or so bananas sitting in a basket on our kitchen table and starting to spot prompted me to search Google for banana recipes. I came up with a bread recipe and a pudding recipe both were easy to follow and both turned out amazingly tasty.  “Waste not want not” keeps popping in my mind, reminding me of my Grandmother’s autumn visits!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, may your harvest be fruitful and tasty!



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