September Blahs…

Its September already and I’m having a bit of difficulty writing or even keeping my mind on my “to-do” lists.

After two years in Okinawa, an interesting two years with pros and cons but mostly positive experiences, it’s time to move on.

I moved here in 2012 from Tacoma, Washington only because my wife was offered an internship at a local hospital and as of last week her contract as a counselor was up and we have no reason to be here except maybe to watch the next typhoon and experience the high humidity and very hot weather.

For me, living in a beautiful tropical paradise where no one speaks English was a most notable experience. I now can go shopping and travel about without concern. I have a Japanese driver’s license and can speak enough Japanese to order drinks and find the bathroom, just a few words, enough to get me in trouble as the locals then think I understand what they are saying!

Speaking is one thing, understanding is another! Being totally lacking in the ability to share stories keeps me a bit of a hermit. I am so looking forward to leaving here but what and where will I find myself living next year? Maybe some Ex-Pat community or maybe back in the USA? Kyoto is on the list of potential destinations but nothing yet is confirmed.

Uncertainty is something I tolerate for a few days at most, I like having a plan, a direction, and a schedule to follow and that is something that keeps my soul at ease.

So its mid-September and no plan yet except the house lease is up mid-November and I’ve started reading three new books: The Sound of Waves by Mishima, The Heike Story by Yoshikawa, and Kukai The Universal by Ryotaro Shiba. Learning a bit more about Japanese history and culture.

Time to meditate, its always time to meditate when there are unanswered questions!

Wishing all my friends a beautiful autumn “Que Sera, Sera”   [what will be, will be]

Rudy 🙂



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