The Zen of Magic and the Magic of Zen and buttons

The Zen of Magic and the Magic of Zen or how to cover the spiritual and material rituals of life and keep it simple with magic buttons.

We humans seem to need a bit of magic in our lives, a belief in something outside ourselves to occasionally lean on or to blame when things don’t go according to our plans and expectations.

It’s too UNFAIR to be held completely responsible for the life we lead isn’t it?

Can it be that we somewhat like being a victim sometimes, blaming others for our feelings and situation?

Yet that nagging subconscious pokes us to remind us that “YES-we are completely responsible as to how we FEEL: that is FREE WILL.”

But what about the actual material situation we live in, should we judge our wealth against others?

If we do then at best almost everyone puts themself down. Does it really make a difference if you own a house or rent one? Are you happier driving in a Mercedes than a Volkswagen or Toyota?

Do people around you “Push your buttons” and make you angry?

Well, maybe you should stop letting others push you buttons and you will soon discover that you push your own buttons and it’s all in your head.

We all need a bit of ritual and a bit of introspection daily to keep a balance. The moments of introspection can be defined as ZEN moments, moments of pure awareness devoid of mental ideas. I define Magic as everything, the totality of experience and the stuff that dreams are made of!

So I’ve created my own magic buttons to press and a simple ritual I’d like to share with you.

Thank you and don’t worry-be happy!


About Rudolph V Kolar

Consciousness Researcher, Instructor stress management, English, and Yoga.
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