Summer time to smile!

Summertime has arrived here in Okinawa. Its hotter here than most places I’ve lived but not that much hotter than where I was born: Chicago, Illinois.

I’ve moved on average about every three years for the last fifty years.  I have owned over forty-seven properties and my hobby was remodeling and renovating houses. Once I had three homes, one completed and a place for my family, one to work on and one cabin on Herron Island for weekends and summers. Remodeling was just a way to stay busy and express my creativity with tools as my career as a commercial broker wasn’t emotionally fulfilling.

I also remodeled four Yachts during my thirty-five year career as a broker, something to work on and explore the ocean and islands with my friends and family.

I believe that the purpose of life is exploration and discovery. What are we and what are we capable of both as individuals and as a society? What do we become in the few decades we exist and experience individuality?

As a young child I saw myself as life itself, not the individual body but a continuum of life flowing. I was about five years old when I discovered my first bird nest in the back yard, I saw the baby birds hatch from the eggs and soon fly away to make new nests and lay eggs. I thought it’s just a continuation of an idea, an old idea repeating itself over and over again, the birds are just doing what they expect to do! Most people just take it for granted that the birds are there and they are not seeing the process of life.

We humans are not much different from birds, we hatch out, grow and repeat whatever life style we inherited from our parents. We live our expectations and beliefs. Yet we have the capacity to see and be much more, to realize that there is more to life than the material shell and that there are many unanswered questions about how we got here!

So what is the nature of discovery?

I do not believe in individual evolution, it is the universe that evolves and individual species are just a symptom of that growth in knowledge.

So what is the nature of life itself?

It’s easy to recognize that thoughts become things, that an invisible process of nature underlies all our successful projects and activities. Life manifests ideas. There is a magic to life that many overlook.

If you have recognized that your thoughts have manifested, then you know that a positive focus is one of the most important realization that you can achieve and realizing what you are is the most important experience in my point of view. The truth really does set you free.

After writing this in an attempt to share the important life issues I have learned over the last 68 years I realized that many people do not really understand what a positive outlook is!

If you are thinking that you don’t want war or you don’t want crime etc., you are not a positive thinking person, you are contributing to the feelings of war and crime and whatever. What you resist persists is not just some silly psychological statement. Thoughts all seem to manifests in some way.

If you are positive, you think about what causes peace, how do you spread peaceful, harmonious ideas? What does it take to keep the representatives honest? How can we make this world better? How can we help improve our educational system?

And how can we have fun while creating harmony and discovering our true selves?

Early on I had an opportunity to study Zen in college but I didn’t have time to sit around and do nothing!

Later in Graduate school I did Zazen for a few years but didn’t think anything about it!

I was a Monk for a few years but the robes just didn’t suite me!

Later in life I started to get serious about meditating but it just got me nowhere!

Sometimes just creating a smile can be the most positive statement made.




About Rudolph V Kolar

Consciousness Researcher, Instructor stress management, English, and Yoga.
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