A scattered Month of May

Life happens, I haven’t written for a while as I’ve been sidetracked by weather, a dying computer, a busy wife who performs on stage, mold, mosquitoes and snails in my garden: a myriad of time consuming issues, a scattering of time segments all of which have distracted me from my present main material occupation of writing.

Maybe I’m just easily distracted? I made a commitment to finish a book by month end and get it to the publisher but that final 10% to completion is the walk through a mine field. I just stepped on another “maybe I should”. Maybe I should make it a script, maybe I should change the title and maybe I should forget the novel and make it a young adult science fiction short story? I’ve had days like this before but not a continuation of adverse events eating up an entire month!

Each issue is a story in itself and let’s begin with the strange turn in the weather. I should first explain that I live on a small tropical island in the East China Sea. The weather this time of the year swings from 18°C [64°F] to 30°C [86°F] degrees. Now that doesn’t quite explain what happens inside a house when there is a 20 degree swing up over a few hours and high humidity, everything sweats. The walls, the floor, clothes, shoes, everything drips water including me. Anything made of leather, bamboo, woven baskets and even my water based painting supplies immediately fuzz over with spectacular growths of molds and mildew. Eventually the sun burns through the clouds and the earth steams for a few hours and there is a window of opportunity to hang out the laundry to dry.

We do not have a dryer, microwave or TV set and homes here do not know what 220 is. We have a 45 amp, 100 volt service panel that is fed with wires equal in size to the phone lines to my house in Tacoma. The good side to this is our small energy footprint and the covered outside laundry drying room is an excellent place to smoke cigars.

So what’s the problem? It’s the time consuming task of bleaching down the mold and keeping everything spotlessly clean.  And while I’m fighting the mold, mosquitoes and other issues my computer started the death throes of a 4 year old Windows 7 laptop machine, locking up at any random excuse, refusing to finish a restore command, and finally refusing to start except from a recovery CD. Déjà vu!

Now insert here the horrors of buying a laptop computer in Japan: Japanese keyboard, no English explanations anywhere, pop-ups in Japanese and finally the piece de resistance, Windows 8.1 in Japanese.

…my wife loves her new computer, and I love her old one!

Ps the garden is producing wonderfully organic food in spite of the snail invasion.



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