Valentines’ day evening walk!

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Inside Cave at night

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Valentines’ day, my dear wife Iori asked if she could see the ocean at night from Hamahiga Island and visit the Ancient Shrine there.

So after dinner we drove to Hamahiga Island and parked along the shore, not a soul in sight and we have walked out to the sacred shrine across the atoll coral bar that connects to Hamahiga many times before. But with a full moon and high tide, the waves were occasionally breaking across the path and the wind was so strong that we had to hold on to each other but we made it in the dark, to the tiny nameless island that the shrine is on only to find that the path was now under water and the tide was still rising. There was no way to get to the stairs without wading through deep cold water.  We found a small cave so Iori could light some incense and say her prayer. I settled for an “in the moment” mindful meditation, mindfully watching the waves breaking higher and higher, the gusts of wind blowing white caps horizontally across the cave opening,  the beautiful full moon and Orion in the sky. Wet and cold we made it back to the car. Too dark to take pictures, I took a few anyway [attached].  Just another beautiful and adventurous day in Okinawa. Later that night we warmed up in the soaking tub, my preferred kind of prayer, or prayer answered. Can’t complain, there is red wine and chocolate in the kitchen and a Cuban cigar on my desk!  Thank You and Happy Valentines Day to all.



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