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I once heard someone say forgiveness is letting go of the hope of having a better past. A strange and witty way to look at it!

My outlook is that I do not condone the behaviors of others that irritate me, but I forgive, not for their sake but for my own happiness in the present moment.

Blaming others for your anger simply reinforces an attitude of powerlessness, victimization and continued anger.

If you are carrying burdens or grudges from past experiences, remember that the past does not exist except as mental illusions. Change the illusions, just change your mind about how you feel and choose to be happy.

Now that you are happy, you are in a better mental state to take proper action or make the proper response that will make a difference to your view of the world.

It helps to view all challenges as opportunities to grow stronger and wiser. Whenever someone or something makes you feel angry, ask, “What am I learning here?” or “Where did I learn that response?” A little self-discipline will gradually strengthen your emotional core. Forgive and forget and keep a forward-looking attitude.



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Consciousness Researcher, Instructor stress management, English, and Yoga.
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