Happy New Year 2014, resolve to be Happy no matter what!

Self Empowerment and enlightenment is just a decision.

How to share insights that seem difficult to communicate without sounding nonsensical, delusionary or unbelievable.

Be here now… Ram Das, I shall not want…Bible, at this moment you are the sum of your past thoughts…Buddha.

Judge not and you will not be judged refers to the dangers of self-judgement.

In god we trust…Motto of the United States is found in most ancient religious texts.

In Vedic Philosophy, the theme is recognizing the layers of consciousness and eventually realizing what and who you really are; life itself. The same life that seems to appear from nothing and turns an acorn into the oak tree.

Trapped emotions, false beliefs, improper thinking and lack of faith in yourself and lack of faith in the universe unfolding in some orderly manner creates more stress.

Everything is in balance, everything is the way it is and that is the present shared reality. Individual realities are another matter for we are then observing individual free will or the acceptance of how things are. Surrender to reality and choosing to be happy is just that, choosing!

To change what you are just requires you to be happy and realize that your life is the result of your thoughts, your decisions and your actions.

The Ego will argue with this always, Ego always says, “It’s not my fault” and “why me?”

Why You? Maybe because you have been asleep to the possibilities, asleep to the dangers, and asleep to your power to change your direction at any time. Asleep to who and what you really are!

Every living human has the same potential powers, some just realize that they have choices and take the better paths.

Be Happy and don’t worry!

Old Lamp

Old Lamp




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Consciousness Researcher, Instructor stress management, English, and Yoga.
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