A Warm October Home in Okinawa

Fictional life blog: Just having escaped from Tokyo last weekend.

What universe do you live in? A creative and fun dream world, a rationalization of this illusionary reality or do you live in the real now, or is that  just another form of illusion?

I have chosen the dream world at times, for in my dream world I know what is going to happen. My dreams are my stories, my way, my desires and my friends in real life are my partners in adventures. Sometimes it’s difficult to accept the “REAL” real world I live in, yet I am not affected by it except in my judgments as how I think it should be.

In my stories and dreams, my friends are never sick, they are happy and successful, never grow old and never die. They are heroes and face adventures with humor and inner strength. I can always depend on them to complete their missions.

We win all the battles, outwit all the authorities and eliminate all the bad guys by being clever and taking action without judging ourselves.

I have traveled the universe, visited many planets, fought many battles, made a few friends, fixed many alien computers and spaceships, learned many alien languages, always just enough to stay alive and return to earth to share the stories with mankind.

My travels are not just my reality but a platform for new ideas so that mankind can evolve to the next step. I hope my books add value to people’s lives, to make young people curious about the reality of alternate thoughts and investigate meditation, yoga, natural food diets, alternate healing modalities and alternate sources of power; all seemingly fictional to many humans stuck on this planet!


Tokyo Escape routes on viewscreen


Ancient Monoliths

And if you don’t know that there is a next step in life, or some great improvement,  you won’t take it or make it !

Sincerely, Rudy

Pictures are from our escape from Tokyo last weekend…

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