Back to writing….maybe… Sept 9, 2013


Well I haven’t written for quite a while as we have moved to Uruma, an older residential and hilly area in central Okinawa. The house we found is old enough to have a formal six tatami mat tea room, fully enclosed with sliding shoji screens. Immediately after unpacking we attacked the garden area that was ignored for many years and started replanting flowers and bushes to fill in the area against the old dividing walls [fences]. I have had many homes and many gardens in my life, but I haven’t had a vegetable garden for over fifty years. And so a spot was selected for a small vegetable garden. At the back of the house I am planning a Zen garden. All this takes time, time that I would have been spending writing. Gardening seems more enticing this month! Next weekend I am teaching a workshop on Stress Management and my wife Iori is holding an Expressive Arts Therapy workshop. My attention maybe should be there but there is some indescribable bliss in tending the soil, some ancient feeling of familiarity, like I’ve done this for a thousand years and it’s still rewarding to see the harmony of the harvest manifest. Now It’s back to my office to write this blog, actually my office is air conditioned and it’s nice to get out of the hot sun for a while! I am so grateful for all the opportunities that have manifested this year and I wish that everyone on the planet could experience peace and harmony in their lives!




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