Predictable human behaviors? Blog July 30, 2013


Predictable human behaviors?

I have been on vacation all July. I set a few writing goals that were side tracked by nice weather, proximity to beautiful beaches, and the fact that my wife is in Switzerland for the month working on her doctorate program. Too much free time?

I find myself asking all the old questions again about human behavior and for fun I’m reading Martin Buber, “I and Thou”. Actually I don’t recommend the book except for the final chapters as it is overly redundant on its main concept of recognizing consciousness.

Maybe just awaken to the truth that we all live our expectations. Society today is overly concerned with problem solving.

Experiencing problems? Feeling that you don’t have enough of something… that is not a problem but  a symptom!

Example: money….you have more month than money? That is a symptom, you either spend too much, don’t charge enough for your time and of course; your expectations are too low.

Clarity is recognizing that your expectations have resulted in what you have now….stop and do something different.

Are you in the trap of believing the Propaganda Media designed to keep you powerless so that you need the government to “help”?

Do you believe family members and friends who are also “suffering” and in “Lack” thinking?

The greatest secret behind the ‘Secret”: none of the laws of manifestation change unless you are “Happy” when making the change. The mind constantly manifests reality based on the current thought and so it repeats the current emotional state of existence as a circle or cycle to maintain security and safety, no matter how unwanted the situation may be to you.


Never work at stopping evil, start at creating some happy peaceful situation, some positive statement, some imagined perfect situation and the evil will disappear.

What are Scriptural secrets of positive thinking? The lord is my shepherd and I shall not want [or fear].

Discard all that “Lack” thinking and move on!


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