Fenced unused land, beautiful flowers, protests and meditation….

Government Fence, your wasted tax dollars!

Government Fence, your wasted tax dollars!

Well I haven’t blogged for a while and my meditations have been slightly affected by the world events in the last few weeks. Stockholm was upsetting and watching the American propaganda machine of the current regime is also very upsetting, especially since so many rational Americans actually buy into the TV “news”. I’m always hoping that some aspect of the American federal government would step up and attack the massive corruption that has festered into a military-industrial complex of billionaires over the last twenty years. But then that’s dreaming because you can’t seem to fight big money in Washington. There’s my rant of the day, now on to what I teach in my class at the Hospital.

You cannot control the universe, but you have absolute control over yourself and how you respond or react to outside events. Actually you have three choices; react, respond or transcend. Transcending is the enlightened approach and the healthiest for you. Just reacting is what most people seem to do, raising their blood pressure and creating fears about their future. Neither reaction is healthy. If you are in a position to respond, stand up and make your opinion known then forget about it and let nature take its course. Accepting things as they are, even if you don’t agree with the situation is very important to good mental health. A clear undisturbed mind will make good decisions and a successful life is a series of good decisions. We make hundreds maybe even thousands of decision every day, like potato chips or grapes? One decision may lead to heart disease! There are simple ways to maintain a healthy mind: recognition of stress is the first most important step, then taking action to relax and dispel the stress.

Learning to properly breathe, meditate, relax and exercise daily is the next step. Small steps are extremely powerful in changing habits, just a few minutes a day set aside to meditate is very rewarding and a starting point to make changes in your life if that is something you want to accomplish!

Health and happiness to everyone and I hope you all can make a positive difference in the world.


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