Garbage and the human condition, is there a solution out there?

Garbage the world over seems to follow similar habits. A small percentage of the population seems to think that garbage can be thrown anywhere. The beaches collect plastic bottles and beer cans; the roadsides collect TVs and old appliances that for some reason didn’tIMAG4603 IMAG4606 IMAG4609 make it to the dump. If you put up a “No Dumping” sign anywhere in the world, someone will empty their truck of garbage at that spot. We love exploring the secluded islands of the world and wherever we go we find garbage. It may not seem like enough but we have decided to carry garbage bags where ever we go and as we explore, we pick up the obvious eye sores that dot the landscape. Sometimes it only takes a few bags to make a beach look pristine!

Today we visited the beach on Yabuchi Island.  The No Dumping sign with dragon was on a country road behind where we live in Okinawa.IMAG4599



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