Another World Heritage Site Visited

Shikinaen Royal Gardens 17th Century Okinawa

Shikinaen Royal Gardens 17th Century Okinawa

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World Heritage Site: Shikinaen Royal Garden

We have been visiting the world heritage sites when we have a free moment between classes and performances. Today, after a Tea Ceremony class in Naha, we drove to the Shikinaen Royal Garden, a 17th century second residence for the Okinawa Royal Family and guest house for visiting royalty from other nations.  There was a ceremony in process but we just skirted the group and took some pictures. The walk through the gardens was serene and beautiful, very different from the traditional Japanese Gardens we have viewed. Weather here has been overcast and cool but that will pass soon and hot humid days will be upon us. On our evening walk we saw a huge Fox Bat, about the size of a large Seagull. I did take a picture of a leaf hopper that was about five inches long, the insects and bats here are super-sized. This month is flying by and Iori’s performance is April 28, 2013 in Naha, Okinawa. That means rehearsals and practice every day next week….sometimes I just have to go with the flow!


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