The New religion of the American Guru’s ….Get Rich Quick

The Self-Improvement Phenomena: Get rich quick.

Webinars, Books, Blogs, and get rich financial seminars all directed at relieving you of a little money in return for giving you the “SECRETS” of the successful. Statistically per the media tacticians and the seminar creators, the success rate for individuals who spend thousands of dollars at the high performing financial seminars is three percent [3%]. Yes, that is a ninety-seven percent [97%] failure rate. But the three percent [3%] creates enough positive feedback to keep the seminars alive and vibrant. Just like politics, the people want to believe that there is a magic that will transform their financial predicament into immediate success and affluence. Basically the same hype that the Liberal Party uses to get your vote: tell lies long enough and people will believe them. Tell people that they are now superior in their thinking, wiser than the others [Republicans, Conservatives, all other parties and/or religious personalities] and they will believe that is correct, ego gratification will get you the vote. It worked in Germany in 1938, worked in Chicago in the 1950’s and it works in America today at the Federal Government level. Of course the politicians have only one goal, to win elections, after that they no longer are concerned about your issues, they are looking for ways to make more money and power for themselves and winning the next election!

I believe that the three percent [3%] success rate has nothing to do with the seminars. The three percent simply would have succeeded anyway even without the seminar help. The three percent are those who simply believe that they are successful and that belief opens their awareness to the opportunities that exist within their field of vision. The three percent are individuals who not only are skilled at something but also are looking for something to do and are active in the pursuit of new ideas and situations.

The true “Secret” is the book or seminar itself! The reality that these writers and developers have found a way of generating an income from their ideas is an amazing creation; much easier and less risky than farming or building new homes.

Now a note to the ninety-seven percent [97%] who spent money, attended seminars, took counseling and made positive changes to their thinking and still have no change in their financial situation.

The “Secrets” of life: You cannot change the world, you can only change your view and how you react or respond to it! OK,  maybe you can change the world as a statement of logic, but if you were at a level of consciousness where you had the power to change the world, you would see it as already perfectly in balance with the Dharma and Karma of the planet and would change nothing!

Changing your view from pessimism to gratitude opens your view to possibilities that always were right in front of you, but you were too preoccupied with yourself to see them. There is always something that needs to be done and the more people you help the more income you share. The universe is an amazing source of support and the source of life. Look within, ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find are all scriptural truths about living in this world successfully. Have fun playing every day at something you enjoy no matter how bad you think your situation is!


About Rudolph V Kolar

Consciousness Researcher, Instructor stress management, English, and Yoga.
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