Zakimi Castle Ruins and a hectic weekend.

Castle Entry

Castle Entry

Zakimi Castle (座喜味城 Zakimi Gusuku) is a castle site in Yomitan, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. It is currently in ruins. Built between 1416 and 1422 by the renowned Ryukyua militarist Gosamaru, Zakimi Castle oversaw the northern portion of the Okinawa mainland. The fortress has two inner courts, each with an arched gate. This is Okinawa’s first stone arch gate featuring the unique keystone masonry of the Ryukyus. [Information from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]
Our weekend was very busy with a stage performance on Sunday. Saturday we had a guest from Osaka visit so we decided to visit one of the World heritage Sites that we haven’t yet seen. That would be the Zakimi Castle Site. Every site has a corresponding museum nearby. The Zakimi Museum has a model of the interior of a Ryukyu Tomb which dot the island. Tombs are everywhere you go. Seeing what’s inside answered a lot of my personal questions as I was curious why the tombs are so large. The funeral process here is very different than in Japan or anywhere else as far as that goes. The body is first put in a coffin and placed in the tomb and allowed to reduce to bones. Then the bones are washed and placed in a ceramic container [see the pictures of Castle like boxes or large clay jars.] The Tombs house the remains of entire families for several generations. We climbed up to the Castle and walked the perimeter walls. The stone walls are similar at all the Ryukyu Castle sites, we took a ton of pictures and I’ll post a few. The weather was perfect for a January day [1-26-2013] the sun came out from a cloudy morning and warmed up the Island. We went to Moon Beach for lunch, the restaurant at the Moon Beach Hotel is excellent and afterward we made the required visit to see the Mermaid on the point. I have been pinched for time this week with four books in various stages of research, a conference in Hawaii next week, and my wife’s stage performance that was successfully executed on 1-27-2013. I spend a reasonable amount of time backstage at rehearsals and I’m getting better at helping with the Kimonos and mostly just hanging out and exploring the neighborhood around the theatre. Okinawa is very different from Japan in language, culture, clothes and music. Most stage performances here are traditional Okinawa music and dance mixed in with traditional Japanese music and dance. Okinawans play the Sanshin. The sanshin, a three stringed instrument, is a traditional Okinawa musical instrument and precursor of the Japanese Shamisen. My wife plays the Shamisen and performs traditional Japanese dance.

Zakimi Castle Walls

Zakimi Castle Walls

Burial Containers

Burial Containers


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