Imagination Rules

We all have been here….you know, the day it took all day to do a five-minute task. It all started going south when I decided to put a “link” on my blog page. To you seasoned bloggers and operators of web pages, I applaud your common sense. Of course I now realize that common sense is an oxymoron and the simplest of tasks that others may consider easy, is not to the newbie, the newcomer, the novice like me. I am having flash backs to all those Star Trek episodes where the computer was helpful and its suggestions actually worked! If my computer could actually talk, I’m not sure how it would respond to all the colorful metaphors I attribute to its functioning. I really would like to have a Starfleet Universal Translator to help with those totally alien words like: “page”,” menu”, “link”, “code” and simple statements like “Just highlight and copy this code and inset it into your web page”…….like insert it where? OK it’s off to u-tube to see if there is a tutorial to help me with this.  I return an hour later with amazing knowledge to do all sorts of previously unknown abilities and opportunities that exist on the web. Of course I still can’t get a link to work properly on my Blog page. After about four hours of hit and miss rewriting the page address code, I got a link to work, not like I wanted it to work but it will get you to my book on Kindle. There is some simple pleasure in getting the computer to comply with a personal idea, manifesting a thought to share with others. “Imagination rules the world” said Napoleon Bonaparte; it was easy for him to say for he had no computer to deal with.     To all my Facebook friends, my blog page is:


About Rudolph V Kolar

Consciousness Researcher, Instructor stress management, English, and Yoga.
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