Adventure in the East China Sea

Jan 13-15, 2013
We planned to backpack across three small remote islands in the East China Sea. We scheduled a boat rental that we would pick up on the north end of the first Island. We took a ferry to the first Island and walked across. Weather was great when we headed out but we got caught by a great storm, it was terrific, I love storms, but we got stranded, no way to sail north, the ocean was “closed” to even the ferry boats. The few inhabitants, natives, were all inside, we had the whole place to ourselves at least that is how it felt. The 11th century roads, still in good shape, led to a 14th Century Shinto shrine of the Dragon. This island has ruins from the first kingdom of the second dynasty [King Sho En]. Our usual M.O. is to climb to the highest point and meditate for a while then take pictures, then explore the beautiful secluded beaches….and take more pictures. The ruins, burial mounds, and castle walls were of great interest. The ancient stone work ranged from farmers garden walls of stacked coral to old temple and castle walls of precisely cut stone.
My old htc/Android4 phone has no sims card but the satellite connection works great. We rely on it to figure out where we are and get and send e-mail….
The local restaurant served dinner, there was no choice or menu, but it turned out to be ten courses of small plates ranging from pickled seaweed/ pickled vegetables to raw tuna, raw shrimp, pork fried rice, dragon fruit, hot green tea and Sake. [and several items that I didn’t have a clue to what it was]
We stayed the night at the restaurant/Inn and ventured out the next morning to a local mountain park. We were informed that the ferry service was cancelled and our boat wouldn’t be going anywhere as the storm was getting worse. We planned a 2 hour climb with backpacks left at the local ferry station. The wind was constant at about 20knts and grew stronger as we climbed the highest local mountain. Rain hit as we were descending. When we returned to get our backpacks, we were informed that the ferry was going to leave the island before the main storm hit, so we booked passage and headed out into rough seas.
The end of day two, off schedule but enjoying the adventure!


About Rudolph V Kolar

Consciousness Researcher, Instructor stress management, English, and Yoga.
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