OMG it’s Christmas Eve!

Sunshine and warm weather here, the first few days of vacation with my wife, we have no plan except to sleep in, enjoy long meditations, and go hiking on weekends to explore some new locations here in Okinawa. Vacation time to me is just an excuse to meditate more and practice the Vedic arts, my wife on the other hand sees it as a time to  travel, visit shrines, perform Shinto rituals, and have more time to practice her arts.  And so as my wife dances in the next room to Japanese Kabuki music, practicing for her performance in Naha, Japan next month, I’m sitting at my desk writing this blog. A cold hard reality struck me in the middle of a beautiful serene meditation this morning, disturbing the cosmic silence ….It’s Christmas eve and I have not bought any presents, nor sent any Christmas cards! What was I thinking? Or was I thinking? Usually in late November I order gifts on-line and resolve that guilt trip of gift giving responsibility that I learned from my parents. This November 2012 was a whirlwind of readjusting. I had just moved to Okinawa in October and was still dealing with getting rid of all my loose ends in America and creating new starts in Japan. That would be a story in itself, deciding to divest myself of everything that I had accumulated over many decades and get uncluttered to a point where Tibetan Monks would be proud of me…just happened. Disbelief usually follows great changes. Did I really just do that? Yes, it happened and I even wear monks robes daily and play my Shakuhachi flute every day. A slight change in lifestyle from last September, checking my e-mails at my commercial real estate office in Washington, paying off all my accounts, selling all my left over Yacht paraphernalia after selling my boat, and running ads in Craig’s list to sell my cars and hauling many trailers full of personal “things” to Goodwill.  A successful month of divesting myself of “stuff” has resulted in a great appreciation of not feeling attached or responsible to “things”. And to all my children, friends, and family I send my love and appreciation for the moments we share.  Anyway, here is a quote that I saw jokingly attributed to the Dali Lama: “Forget the past, it is an illusion….Forget thinking about the future, it does not exist….and forget about the present….I didn’t get you one!”

Rudy 🙂 Happy Holidays



About Rudolph V Kolar

Consciousness Researcher, Instructor stress management, English, and Yoga.
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