Reality Week in Okinawa

Merry Christmas!

I have been flowing through a bunch of old thoughts I forgot about. I wanted to be free of material wants, I wanted a Japanese Wife who is a Kuro-Miko, Geisha, and Priestess, and I wanted to move to Hawaii or Japan. I have done all that this year. I am happy to be out of America, a country of extreme Violence and social control. It appears to me that America is disintegrating into corruption, especially with a member of the Chicago Rackets in the White House, only in America, or some third world nation could that happen! I find myself extremely happy and content and yet a bit unsure what to do next. I have started a blog page for practice, am writing a course on Vedic Science and Tibetan meditation technique, and plan on teaching healing techniques here in Japan. Doing some volunteer work at a local Psychiatric Hospital where my wife is doing her internship for her Doctorate. I dislike Okinawa for its lack of Japanese neatness, but absolutely love the weather [like Hawaii] and the beautiful beaches and turquoise oceans. We have been through two Typhoons in the past three months, really splendid storms; I love the roaring non stopping wind. Reminds me of the tornadoes we had back in the mid-west. I manage to meditate a few hours every day and write a few hours. I’m home mostly, walk to the hospital with my wife in the morning, then walk home and meditate. I only go to the Hospital on Tuesday afternoons to view the Music therapy session for 1.5 hours. Weekends usually are spent exploring the Island beaches and resorts. Last weekend we went to Tokyo for the 44th annual conference on Psychopathology of Expressive Arts, stayed three days and visited the Meiji Shrine and Emperors Tea house. As an example of America VS the rest of the world..I  have flown from Japan several times this year, but with a Japanese ID card [Long term] no one has asked me for an ID, passport, or asked me to take off my shoes, or remove my computer from the case at the airport like the PARANOID AMERICANS since my tickets were purchased in Japan! Police in Japan do not prey on the public like in America, no speed traps for money, and no checkpoints for papers. They do not make a profit imprisoning people here like the American prison system does. A lot of the crime in this country is committed by American soldiers stationed here. The locals dislike the soldiers stationed here as they have overwhelmingly voted to have them leave but the head government in Japan overrides the will of the people, for fear based views and the MONEY the Americans pay to rent the bases. Japanese appear to be better educated and more civilized than Americans by far. The traffic here is an example, drivers to not get angry if someone makes a wrong turn or cuts them off, they just slow or stop like, that happens, sorry you made a mistake! No honking or fist shaking like one would expect in America. I am very happy to see that this area is aware of spiritual concerns as it is a major part of the culture here for the last 3000 years. Seeing how the American soldiers behave here is an embarrassment to be from America. Anyway, so much for the rant…I have been experimenting with Pranic Healing and now do the twin heart meditation. I am getting an idea how existence works, virtual techniques work, imagined processes are real on the etheric/spiritual realms, so imagination does rule as Einstein said! We all live our EXPECTATIONS….creation is always happening in the NOW, the moment, recreating over and over the prevailing thought, creating the illusion of time. I have always believed that Happiness was the great secret of personal power, and now I see that it may be better defined as BLISS, the nature of the cosmic mind! It is raining a bit this morning; weather is like Seattle in the summer. I’m making spaghetti for lunch and miso & vegetable soup for dinner later. Misc.facts: there have never been nor are there Checking accounts in Japan. Debit cards and cash only. Recently Credit Cards have appeared. No signatures here, people carry a rubber stamp/wood seal with the family name as registered with the local government. No community laws, no shared banking accounts, everyone has their own account and personal seal. They have only income tax. Government services are paid for with stamps, you need to go to the post office and buy stamps to pay a local government charge. Many cafes and especially large food services have a vending machine outside, you buy a ticket for what you want and pay outside before going in, the food handlers do not handle money and there is no tipping in Japan, it’s considered an INSULT to leave money.

I have started playing a Shakuhachi flute, Zen music, harder than it looks but definitely oxygenate the player!

I send my love and hope that you have realized that you are enlightened and a master of creation, have fun and enjoy the Holiday season,

Sincerely ,


About Rudolph V Kolar

Consciousness Researcher, Instructor stress management, English, and Yoga.
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