June 2018 Blog on a rainy day

Happy June, summer is here, also the rainy season here in Kyoto.

With this slightly gloomy weather I thought I’d blog about a slightly comfortless idea about science:

“Science is founded on uncertainty, each time we learn something new, the astonishment comes with the realization that we were wrong before.” Lewis Thomas.

In 2017 my Dear wife gave me a book to read titled: “The Road to Reality, A complete guide to the laws of the universe” by Roger Penrose.

Having attempted to lumber through the math of this extravagant review of past mathematical axioms and postulates which just about each and every one has been rejected by some other Mathematician for their updated ideas or egocentric desire to get in the last word,  I have concluded that the book is Empty. Sorry Roger!

But hold on Mr. Penrose, perhaps all that math can result in something positive: totally abstract thinking.

As a Yogi I believe that the only true goal of life is Unity consciousness where the individual is in total harmony with everything as he/she is operating from the level of absolute/abstract awareness, a higher mindset and a total abstraction!

If we are truly life itself and adapting to a changing environment and we have very limited senses; possibly by contacting the abstract source of existence we expand our senses by intent. Maybe advanced math is a moment of experiencing your true abstract self with a little cosmic feedback and than an attempt to express your subjective interpretation of that experience!

“For the last four hundred years, an unstated assumption of science is that human intention cannot affect what we call ‘physical reality.’ Our experimental research of the past decade shows that, for today’s world and under the right conditions, this assumption is no longer correct. We humans are much more than we think we are and Psycho energetic Science continues to expand the proof of it.” – Dr. Bill Tiller

I have to be thankful for all this rain for it has confined me to stay inside,   check out new science papers and finish my third edition textbook, “The Emptiness is not Empty”.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1523925221/

Hopefully this link above works for a paperback and below for Kindle:


I would appreciate it if you would ask a million of your friends to buy my book, which would really help improve the world as I’m pushing positive thinking and meditation. 😊

“The gift of learning to meditate is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this lifetime.” Sogyal Rinpoche.

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A strange and simple observation about the oddities of life.

2-22-2018 At the Kyoto Studio project.

Until today, I never thought about the fact that at every remodel, renovation, or new construction project that I have done I’ve always found a few marbles in the dirt. I just pick them up, put them in my pocket and put them in a box when I get home.

And so today as I was inspecting the ground under the floor of our recent Machiya house renovation I was amazed to find an old stone foundation next to the newer foundation of the existing house. There was a previous house on the site before the existing house was built. That is expected as this neighborhood is well over 1200 years old.

Then I saw it, a marble in the dirt.

Suddenly my collection of the marbles I have found at various sites made me wonder.  Is it just my expectations to find marbles?

Every marble in the attached pictures was found in the dirt as I worked at one of my many real estate projects in America, including one in Okinawa and now, my second project in Kyoto, Japan.

Seems the world has been losing its marbles for centuries and I keep finding them.

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Start Your year off right…learn something new!

The average person has no knowledge of proper meditation or the ancient history and science of yoga.
If you don’t know some ability exists, you will not look for it or study it as you will not believe it has value or even is possible.
Who is the perceiver? What is primal awareness? Who is it who wants to know? Again: the eye does not see itself. What is the source of your thoughts?
To go beyond is an experience, not a mental hallucination or intellectual projection.
The essential nature and natural tendency of mind is happiness, bliss!
I thought this would be easy but then I realized that I have read hundreds of sutras, taken courses on the Upanishads, Samhitas and Vedas, and what I consider common sense is not common!
Sometimes it’s like trying to explain blue to a blind person, explaining magnetism to someone who has never seen a magnet, or discussing Quantum entanglement.
How many apples have to fall on your head before you realize the gravity of the situation? Just as you may not notice gravity, you may not notice synchronicity but it is there none the less!
Meditation is an Ancient Science that is now being recognized as a reality worthy of researching. It is the result of thousands of years of observations by the Genius of every culture and generation.
Experiencing the void, the emptiness, a non-experience frees the mind from being lost in consciousness and immerses it in the synchronous unified field that underlies all existence.
The abstract unified field becomes everything and every individual creates his environment and life by his thoughts and expectations.
Those who say “I can’t meditate” have self defeating compulsive inner thoughts that terminate trying. They are defeated before even attempting to try.
If you recognize that you have destructive negative tendencies, you can change it by starting slow; just sit for five minutes twice a day. Relax and be effortless, let your mind wander and occasionally pay attention to your breathing. No expectations, just sit and eventually it gets easier.
If there is a TM class in your neighborhood, go to an introductory lecture.
If your friends are going to a ten day Vikasa retreat, be bold and join them.
Start the year right!
Rudy 

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October Again, my new Hypotheses and Artwork.

These are my October thoughts.
One quantum function of the observable object reality is that the observation of a wave causes it to collapse forming a particle. So applying this concept to the big bang: therefore once upon a time before time there was nothing only emptiness but this infinite emptiness had one quality: Primal awareness. The infinite emptiness had an accidental insight, a revelation and observed itself thereby creating consciousness.
Consciousness is a three part process or system. There is the observer the process of observation and the observed. So how can we state this as a mathematical formula? Let’s start with the observer the infinite emptiness as Ei, the process of observation as Ep, and the observed as Eo. In the beginning these could be represented as Ei equals Ep equals Eo… Ei=Ep=Eo=ꚙ infinity.
As there was nothing but the emptiness! This observation/revelation that caused the collapse of the entirety of the infinite singular wave of emptiness to a point, causing a release of an infinite amount of energy as heat light and matter, this great explosion would then be expanding back to infinity and this is what we’ve referred to as the big bang and it would allow an infinite number of possibilities. P=ꚙ infinity Ei=X and Ep=Y and Eo=Z some math ideas to play with here. Infinity is not infinite but a real number that I represent as ꚙn-1. [Hopefully someone with real math skills will have fun playing with this!]
Our Universe is possibly just one of an almost infinite number of possible Universes.
Assuming that there is only one consciousness in the universe, then Ei=0 in the first position with Ei=1 in the initiation of the “Big Bang” and Ei=ꚙ after the initiation. Later for individual creation I will use ei as a representation of individual thoughts becoming things. Ei =n represents all the states of consciousness which are existing in absolute time exist simultaneously and this is why we observe Quantum Entanglement as immediate.
This also brings up the possibility of recognizing that there are at least three types of time. There is infinite time, cyclical time and there is relative time. Infinite time is the expression of now as it is always now. Relative time is the observation of the decay of material things and appears to us to be linear but absolutely ‘relative’ and possibly multi-layered dimensionally. Cyclical time is the repeating waves of creation.
This collapse which is referred to as the big bang and some scientists say it happened so many billions of years ago, we have to ask, if time really does not exist and did not exist at the time of the collapse of the wave; therefore the big bang did not happen, it is happening now in infinite time. What we’re experiencing as the expansion of the universe and creation in our daily lives is the big bang. We are caught up in the great explosion and expansion of consciousness back to infinity. Eventually all this energy creating infinite forms will dissipate. The infinite pure wave of emptiness will be reformed.
The ancient Vedic records state that is was experienced as Sat-Chit- Ananda, which is existence-consciousness-bliss. That is the soul stuff or Tao in Taoism that became an ocean of infinite Universes. Could this Ancient idea be closer to reality than modern scientific thought?
But now…we must realize that the creation principle is a LAW of the emptiness and is abstractly observable as thoughts becoming things. This may seem like an abstract concept to some, but most of us realize that we create our lives by our thoughts. The Big Bang is a sequential and systematic continual progression, an adaptation or evolutionary process contained in the Emptiness which is the ocean of all Possibilities. P= ꚙ infinity.
My Hypotheses: The laws of nature that we understand and those not yet discovered or understood reflect a pattern of the Emptiness, not necessarily a product of the material creation and therefore I believe may be similar in all potential infinite Universes and or Time-lines.
I am throwing out a lot of abstract ideas because you cannot ask good questions about what you have no perception or concept of. A true science is one which will help us achieve an understanding of what we are, life itself as a product of the universe. We have to ask the right questions to get good answers.
The nothingness or emptiness is enlivened by human thought. Lively infinite creative potential is just a matter of attention. The human mind can fathom that area of potential best by experience and observation not necessarily intellectually. Whatever we think, those thoughts and ideas are recognized somehow and the cosmic tries to fulfill or create spontaneously based on our intent and not language. Perhaps not by what we imagine but what is actually available or possible. There is a process here that is not well studied scientifically and that is the reason I am pushing these ideas: so that we start to study those areas just beyond our present understandings.
I believe there are two major aspects of being a scientist, one to understand the universe and two to understand ourselves. It is difficult to learn about yourself from a book, yet a book can help you look inside, this is the methodology of ancient yoga, to find your inner nature and start asking the right questions.
Intent and emotional resonance, mechanical and automated thinking, is the reality in the world view and the assumptions of millions of humans living their limited beliefs. How do we get past these limitations? The realities of the universe which are beyond your perceptions are not separate from you but just beyond your perceptions. Words do not approach the true meaning of the nature of our existence, experience is necessary.
There is Gravity, electromagnetism, strong and weak nuclear forces and five possible string theories and recently we have added AXIONS as blocks of Dark matter. There are recent new theories about Heisenberg’s principle and the possibility of two separate times existing. Connecting the dots to all these recent and controversial ideas leads us back to ancient concepts of Akasha and the inter-connectedness of everything in the universe as a non-localized unified field.
With a scientific approach if something is real and true then it is a law and that should work for everyone the same. Ideas about thoughts becoming things are a matter of awareness and recognition. We all live our expectations and we grant powers to gods, spirits, and beliefs and magic which are really parts of our inner self. This is our attachment and connection to the universe which is I believe a conscious universe. Actually I believe that there is nothing but consciousness. All definitions are points of argument because of differing beliefs from different cultures, religions, politics and science, so what does it take to recognize that emptiness is the potential of everything, that Emptiness is not empty?
Ancient Vedic masters believed that the banyan tree seed represented the reality of existence. The seed which produces the huge Banyan tree when cut open is hollow inside. They believed that the hollow space in the seed contains the memory of the tree. But today, do we truly understand that the Emptiness is not empty and grasp the reality of meditative transcending? Experiencing the emptiness is experiencing the pure cosmic  eternal stuff of creation.

Rudy Kolar
Happy Halloween and Harvest season and remember to meditate!

head for the light

Oct ARTWORK I paint when I have writers block

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August Blahs Blog

It’s the rainy season here in Kyoto, Japan and although I normally spend a lot of time inside anyway, today in my studio attempting to organize notes for my new book, the humid weather and rain gave me a feeling of being stuck inside, imprisoned by some outside force.

It sometimes doesn’t take much, like four days of rain and I get ‘cabin fever’. Rather than working on my book,  I start to search the internet for a new yacht or some new technology that I can apply to create something new and different in my life. This is of course mostly diversion and fantasy as I’m over seventy, retired and pretty much settled into married life and partnership. No longer do I think of myself as the invincible risk taker that can take off to anywhere just to see what’s there and do whatever looks like fun! I lived like that for years and managed not to get killed or imprisoned. Actually my belief system was firmly based on the belief that I am always protected by some higher power and never had fear of anything. As wisdom sinks in, I firmly believe that fear always makes for bad decisions and ruins many a man’s health worrying about negative outcomes that never happen! Strategic and correct actions always start with a settled and clear mind. To those who have studied the ancient Vedic texts on Yoga: “Yogastah Kuru Karmani.” The translation from Sanskrit is, “established in consciousness, perform action with no attachment to the results.” Basically be cool, calm and collected and don’t over think what you plan to do! Don’t worry and be happy is my take on ancient Yoga philosophy.

As I write this a story comes to mind. A few years ago my Father-in law asked me, “What do you call a writer whose books don’t sell?” I responded, “An Artist.” He laughed and said he wanted to be a writer when he was in college but ended up being a corporate President at his parent’s direction.

So before writing this I got out my art supplies and created two paintings to be an Artist rather than label myself as a writer today.  The process got me out of being oppressed by something outside and I took back my power to be happy in the moment.

I hope a few souls enjoy my artwork!



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June 2nd addition: Bohemian Haiku #7 and recent issues with translations.

Happy Days 🙂

Realizing the issues of translating Japanese to English, I ask my Japanese friends to translate my Bohemian Haiku to Japanese…

Small dog Arf

Big dog Woof

Bigger tree Bark



I have been asked by a Japanese Publisher to rewrite my most recent book into Japanese but also in their format and size requiring me to double the size of my existing book. Yeah, life is strange. I wanted my book to be short so that it could be read in one sitting and deliver as much knowledge about meditating as possible without losing my readers. My most recent goal is to let you know that it takes years to read though all the esoteric literature and 90% of it is irrelevant and unnecessary verbiage. About 10% actually deals with scientific realities and observations by ancient Geniuses. The ancient masters all recognized that we exist in a field of potential energy and that thoughts become things. The idea that creation is an ongoing reality fueled by the thoughts of the cosmic living life force is the secret of the Yogis. The only real goal of a Yogi Master is Unity consciousness. Read my book before it gets too long please!

Rudy    https://rudykolar.wordpress.com/

Link to paperback in English:



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June Spirits-aliens-koans Blog

Since moving to Japan I have always appreciated the Shinto outlook that there are spirits behind everything.  Being Bohemian, my outlook is that the best and only spirits I have ever experienced are Rum, beer and Sake. Not to disparage all the other spirits in existence that I haven’t experienced and I am truly curious as to what is out there. Maybe there are inter-dimensional life forms, maybe even Romulan Ale!

The world is full of diverse ideas and fictional stories, some of which become accepted as factual reality. So far, all the alien and UFO sightings have turned out to be hoaxes, it seems a human condition of the creative mind is to want to tease or fool others as a form of entertainment, maybe just “self-entertainment” by the “I want to believe” groupies.

Do I believe that there are alien extra terrestrial life forms? Since I have a Degree in Zoology, my answer is absolutely yes. The size of this universe and the examples of extreme diversity here on this planet alone, open the mind to the infinite possibilities on other worlds. Have ET’s visited the earth? That I have no idea or answer for, but the ancient stories of Vedic literature have flying machines, cosmic weapons and shape-shifting enemies. There is nothing new under the sun!

Now the really scary thought is if the belief that life is Cosmic and the creation is constantly continued as our thoughts become things and all living things just live their inherited expectations, yet they are the power creating the future, then maybe we will create a future based on our fictional beliefs!

Koan du Jour:  Understanding the nothingness is understanding the everythingness!

Hey, remember to meditate!


Rudy  🙂 This is a picture of my Bohemian Fire ritual, I’m burning all the wooden boxes that the Sake came in, so the spirit boxes are transforming back to the void!


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May reminders

My favorite Ancient Vedic Saying is, “Man lives in Akasha [The Unified Field of Potential Energy] like fish deep in the ocean, ignorant of water!” My teacher used to laugh and say, “How can a fish be thirsty?” Inferring, “How can a man be unfulfilled when he exists in a field of potential?”

So why is it important to meditate?

Proper meditation results in transcending which are moments of spacing-out. The experience of emptiness is a non-experience, devoid of sensual content yet extremely important as the emptiness is not empty but a field of highly synchronistic potential energy. The brain experiencing this harmony becomes more stable and creative.  This harmonizing with higher levels of consciousness also results in external synchronicities.

Enlightenment is not some exotic fairy-tale or magical super normal condition but perfect health, perfect thinking and harmonious synchronistic interaction with your environment.

Eventually you will realize that thoughts become things and manifesting the future is the function of the ever present “now”!

Plan a peaceful and healthy tomorrow.

Rudolph V. Kolar; Author of “The Emptiness is not empty”.

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Rudy’s Koan Du Jour

Today I have achieved everything because I have achieved nothing!

Take a little time for yourself each day. Learn to meditate and transcend, be well rested, be happy and start your day with a smile!


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2017 Start a new Year

Sometimes obvious truths are overlooked. Creativity, where does it come from? The answer is from emptiness, the void, or empty space as many masters have stated.

As odd as it may seem and maybe even seemingly counter-productive, the human mind needs periods of non-activity, emptiness, to be open and available for new ideas.

Want to be more creative? Do less and accomplish more? Then realize that proper meditation is a key to creativity.

Rudolph Kolar: “The Emptiness is not empty”. (http://www.amazon.com/Rudolph-Kolar/e/B00C1UAUHK )

Happy and Creative New Year to all 🙂



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