May reminders

My favorite Ancient Vedic Saying is, “Man lives in Akasha [The Unified Field of Potential Energy] like fish deep in the ocean, ignorant of water!” My teacher used to laugh and say, “How can a fish be thirsty?” Inferring, “How can a man be unfulfilled when he exists in a field of potential?”

So why is it important to meditate?

Proper meditation results in transcending which are moments of spacing-out. The experience of emptiness is a non-experience, devoid of sensual content yet extremely important as the emptiness is not empty but a field of highly synchronistic potential energy. The brain experiencing this harmony becomes more stable and creative.  This harmonizing with higher levels of consciousness also results in external synchronicities.

Enlightenment is not some exotic fairy-tale or magical super normal condition but perfect health, perfect thinking and harmonious synchronistic interaction with your environment.

Eventually you will realize that thoughts become things and manifesting the future is the function of the ever present “now”!

Plan a peaceful and healthy tomorrow.

Rudolph V. Kolar; Author of “The Emptiness is not empty”.

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Rudy’s Koan Du Jour

Today I have achieved everything because I have achieved nothing!

Take a little time for yourself each day. Learn to meditate and transcend, be well rested, be happy and start your day with a smile!


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2017 Start a new Year

Sometimes obvious truths are overlooked. Creativity, where does it come from? The answer is from emptiness, the void, or empty space as many masters have stated.

As odd as it may seem and maybe even seemingly counter-productive, the human mind needs periods of non-activity, emptiness, to be open and available for new ideas.

Want to be more creative? Do less and accomplish more? Then realize that proper meditation is a key to creativity.

Rudolph Kolar: “The Emptiness is not empty”. ( )

Happy and Creative New Year to all 🙂



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October musings

October is the harvest season and maybe a time for reflecting on a few abstract ideas.

Two thousand six hundred years ago a Chinese philosopher named Laozi, wrote down his wisdom and knowledge of existence. The book is The Tao Te Ching.

The Tao is the something, the eternal “nothing” or “Emptiness” that preceded the creation, the something before form manifested.

The quote from the Tao,” The Tao that can be told, cannot be the eternal Tao. Do not believe in words that point to the truth.” All great Masters have struggled with the explanation of the “Void”, the “Emptiness”, most by saying what it is not.

Remember from the Vedic outlook,  we are talking about Akasha, the eternal field of potential, something that has no physical attributes and like “gravity” can only be perceived by its affects.

The more you try the less you achieve when seeking the eternal Primal Awareness. The experience is often referred to as enlightenment.

The key words of great masters were, “surrender to what is” and “effortless meditation”.

Awareness is not a product of the mind; the mind is a product of primal awareness.

The eye does not see itself.

Awareness is lost in the objects of perception: consciousness is always of something, awareness is “empty”.

Ponder these ideas and hopefully your meditations will be blissful and your life more synchronous and harmonious.

Remember to meditate effortlessly.

The lord is my Sheppard and I shall not want for he leadeth me…etc., the synchronicity of the field itself is viewed as a personality by a few masters. Experience “it” and make your own decisions and develop your own philosophy.  Harvest the results of the experience.

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Abstract Reality

There are many meditation techniques in the world, all do something.

However, the goal of meditation is to have “an experience.”

What that experience is needs to be pointed out by an experienced teacher or it is usually overlooked, confused with physical sensations or mental hallucination.

The experience, when realized, becomes a subjective interpretation of the objective reality that underlies all existence.

So what are we talking about?

The unified field known as Akasha to the ancients is an ocean of potential energy that becomes everything through some magic of creation.

Akasha is the void that we float in like fish in the ocean ignorant of water.

So why is it important?

It is because the “experience” leaves us with the “taste” of harmony and synchronicity.

Abstract but reality.


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What does it take for peace to prevail?

2016 Feb

I haven’t been blogging for a few months as I was determined to get out a book to share an idea that I think is important for every individual to recognize. That we all are part of creation and every individual contributes a piece of the puzzle that becomes our future.

Individuals who know this knowledge and own it are not just the billionaires but also the quiet simple people happily living their dreams. Being enlightened does not make you smart, nor does it exchange your inherited library of behaviors, nor your bucket list of desires for idealized beliefs or superpowers.

But it does increase synchronicity and creativity.

Sorry to say the world is mostly populated by people unaware of the creative powers that everyone has and continue to think of fears, wars, hatreds and disease thereby creating and maintaining those situations in their reality.

What does it take to get individuals to recognize how powerful they can be?

A peaceful happy person creates waves of peace in their environment, a hateful, angry person creates fear. Fear grows into violence, violence creates more fear and it goes like that until governments get into the act and create weapons of mass destruction to protect themselves in the name of peace makers.

It’s time for change, time for a lasting peace. We have to ask ourselves, “What is the best way for that to happen?”

Please read my book on why meditation is important:

Oh Yeah I almost forgot, “Happy New Year”




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Blog    TM in Japan the 800 AD Spiritual regeneration movement by Kukai.

Having learned Transcendental Meditation [TM] from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the 1970’s I was surprised when reading the Shingon literature to find that Kukai argued back in 820 AD for a spiritual regeneration of the Japanese Buddhist beliefs and teachings as he realized that Samadhi by meditating was the beginning and most important technique of Buddhism, not the end achievement or goal. Many ancient masters said the same thing, that the experience of nothingness, Akasha, that which is beyond the senses, although seemingly empty like empty space is the essence that makes a Buddha a Buddha. The experience of nothingness, which is verbally confusing since nothingness is a non-experience, just spacing out or deep sleep while sitting upright, is the brains only opportunity to relax, drop off past stresses, and bathe in the pure potential opportunity of new creation. Pure awareness in the regular daily awareness is lost, bound in the senses.

Shingon meditations are short mantras/sounds, recited mentally [Manasika Japa]. Later after an understanding of Samadhi is achieved, visualization techniques are added for specific purposes and eventually the siddhis [supra normal abilities] develop over time. The problem is that after a period of time, just a few generations, the original teachings are forgotten and intellectual pursuits result in arguments over dogma and beliefs. Buddhism was never meant to be a religion but a science of recognizing the realities of existence and living a naturally powerful, happy and fulfilling life.

There are volumes of positive research on the benefits of meditation and I believe that it’s a daily activity as important as getting enough sleep.

My blog on this subject may be small potatoes with all the thousands of articles on meditation but hopefully sweet potatoes!

Rudy 🙂      ps I’m now teaching English in Kyoto Japan

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A Mountain Home in Kyoto visited…

Tuesday, February 17, 2015…A lazy day for me as my only scheduled activity was to drive to Ohara, a small mountain community of Kyoto, high in the mountains and have a planning meeting about a dance and Shamisen performance in October.  So I meditated all morning till noon, had lunch and scheduled to meet my wife’s aunt at 2 pm at Jikkoin, a small traditional Japanese house used as a Tendai Buddhist monastery and once long past as a woman’s convent. I have visited the property once before and I remember the garden as one of those very special places on earth. Today the daughter of the owner took us on a tour of the gardens and showed us the formal tea house her grandfather built in 1921. Then we went inside for Matcha tea and sweets. The owner explained that the main garden we are looking at was originally designed and built for Emperor Gotoba’s Mausoleum in 1198 AD to represent the Pure Land the other side, and was moved here during the Edo-period.  As I sat there I kept asking myself, why am I here?  Hanging above was an old painting of a Flying-Apsaras “Hiten”and I chuckled inside as I thought of Sally Field as Sister Bertrille the flying Nun…

We will be renting this house in October 2015 to produce a performance of traditional Japanese music and dance.

Ps Life is fun and the back room has an amazing collection of ancient sacrificial artifacts and musical instruments, the Matcha tea is excellent and Ohara has many Shrines and Temples within a few minutes’ walk if you are ever in the area.

Mountain views

Mountain views


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Real Magic doesn’t just happen, it’s well planned…

Real Magic Exists, not a rabbit from a hat,

but the manifestations of thoughts!      

Rudolph V Kolar MBA Author and Artist                                                                       

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Waste not want not


Banana Bread

Waste not want not Blog    November 2014

My grandmother and my mother must have said “waste not want not” a thousand times when I was growing up in Illinois. Fall harvest season when the fruit was falling from the trees, apples, pears and plums were all over the ground. We picked the best with a picking basket at the end of a long pole and the rest would be left to over ripen and fall, smashing open on the ground and get covered with bees. When my Grandmother would visit, she would pick up the damaged fruit and cut away the bad parts. “Waste not want not” she would say. My mother would make dozens of apple pies, apple slices, pear pies and pumpkin pies every October/November. The two ovens, one in the kitchen and one in the basement were busy for many days.

And so this story comes to mind as I make a second loaf of banana bread here in Okinawa. When the bananas start to ripen here, within a short period of time I have dozens of bunches of bananas to give away and or use somehow. Having thirty or so bananas sitting in a basket on our kitchen table and starting to spot prompted me to search Google for banana recipes. I came up with a bread recipe and a pudding recipe both were easy to follow and both turned out amazingly tasty.  “Waste not want not” keeps popping in my mind, reminding me of my Grandmother’s autumn visits!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, may your harvest be fruitful and tasty!


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